Endo: A Polygonal Modeller

October 18th

endo-prerelease mailing list
This is a mailing list that interested parties may subscribe to. We will be sending out betas and release candidates, and collecting feedback through this list.

October 16th, 2004

A new developer dunk is working on endo now. We have been converting the existing pygame code over to use pyQt. This means we get dialog boxes, and color pickers, and so on for free. Qt is much cuter when run on a KDE system than on a Mac though, and there is a "reams of ugly GUI code" trend appearing. Never-the-less code is actaully being written now, and perhaps a new release will appear with easy-to-use binary executables.

Endo is a 3D polygonal modeller in the tradition of Nendo and Wings3D. It is written in Python, a particularly friendly language, and surprisingly fast given that it is interpreted. Currently, a source release is available at the sourceforge project site. I hope to make Endo available in single download package form, if anyone understands py2exe, please send me a message on how to make a package.